If you are a Microsoft Partner (VAR or ISV) or a business using Microsoft products (End User), chances are that Shaggy Dog can bring additional value to your organization.

If you are a consumer or consuming business, Shaggy Dog may have some solutions designed to make your life better.

All VARs are faced with two challenges that must be managed daily:  growing customer bases and retaining existing clients.  Both issues must be addressed while providing value to the customer and revenue to the VAR.  Shaggy Dog will help.
Shaggy Dog offers solutions that can help each VAR retain greater control both during and after the sale. 

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ISVs play an important and strategic role in the Microsoft ecosystem.  Without ISVs, the Microsoft Dynamics family would be but a faint shadow of what it has become and will grow to be.  The magnitude of challenges that the ISV community faces on a daily basis is daunting.  Keeping products current with new versions is both time-consuming and expensive.  Reacting to new demands from the end-user is another imperative.  However, to be successful, measured either in number of deployments or in net revenue (and it should be measured both ways), constant product up-dating is necessary. 

But all of that work has only put product on your shelf; not sold through the VAR or deployed to the end-user.  This is where Shaggy Dog can help.  Our job is to make your phone ring.  Click here for more details.

End Users 

Whether your needs are hardware acquisition, remote monitoring and remediation, off-site backup, or a referral to a specialized IT consulting group, Shaggy Dog should be your first point of contact.  Click here for more details.

Small Businesses and Consumers

In addition to our Microsoft products, Shaggy Dog offers camera systems on all scales designed for physical security as well as monitoring production processes.